Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I’ve Been Doing With My Time

Sorry for the long delay. It has been tough trying to decide what to write about because there has been a lot of interesting science in the news lately. For a while I was trying to choose between a few different topics. I would write about one then say “this is crap” and move to another. In the end, the only thing I officially decided is that I’m indecisive, so I will write about all them all.
The next post is the start of a series of posts on some well-known activities, and the not so well-known effects they may have on your body.
Also, feel free to leave comments. I am really just using these posts to generate some kind of discussion on interesting science. And if nothing else, at least feel comfortable enough to leave a question, no matter how ignorant you are of the topic (and even if you’ve only read the TL;DR). Enjoy.

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